Dry Ice

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Dry ice, sometimes referred to as "cardice".

Dry ice is used primarily as a freezing agent and reaches temperatures as low as -78c.
This product is extremely effective at ensuring any samples remain in a deep freeze and various quantities are available upon request. Replenishment services are also offered at a cost effective price.

Dry ice is key for many of our customers, and is requested on a regular basis. We always supply the required quantity of dry ice for our clients, plus a little extra to ensure the temperature is maintained throughout transit, and pack their products on-site.

From small, urgent, shipments of clinical trials containing one vial that are collected and delivered the same day, to packing large samples of food products that are being shipped overseas via airfreight and potentially need to be kept frozen for up to 96 hours.

With over 15 years experience of packing various products in dry ice, including blood samples, pharmaceuticals, clinical trials and numerous different food products, including launches of new ice cream products abroad, you can be sure ProTemp have the know-how and experience to meet your needs.

With Dry Ice, your package stays in deep freeze during transit.

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